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    Development Process

    • Construction of Susong Production Base

      Zhaoqing Phase II factory put into operation

    • Awarded as a National Specialization, Refinement, Characteristic, Novelty  "Little Giant" Enterprise

      Entered into the List of Enterprises with Standardized Conditions for Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Industry (Solid Waste Treatment Equipment)

    • The group standard “Technical Requirements for Waste Gas Biological Purification Device” and the local standard “Urban Underground Sewage Treatment Facilities Ventilation and Odor Treatment Technology Standard”,which we participated in editing, are both published.

    • △ Became the vice chairman unit of the National Engineering Laboratory of Volatile Organic Pollution Control Technology and Equipment

      The biological treatment of low-concentration VOCs waste key functional materials and application won the grand prize of the National Commercial Science and Technology Progress Award

    • "Chemical industrial odor gas biological treatment technology" was admitted to "2018 key environmental protection practical technology and demonstration project list"

    • "Biological filter deodorant device" was awarded the "2017 National VOCs Detection and Treatment Innovation Achievements Excellent Innovative Equipment Award"

    • △ Obtained Grade III qualification both for professional contracting of environmental protection engineering and for professional contracting of construction electromechanical installation engineering

      △ "A biological treatment technology of odor from sewage sludge treatment and disposal process" was eligible for the national advanced pollution prevention and control technology directory (VOCs prevention and control).

      △ Participated in the construction of the National VOCs Engineering Laboratory

      △ The main member of Guangdong VOCs Innovation Industry Technology Alliance

    • Investment in the construction of Guangdong Zhaoqing Production R&D Base

      Obtained approval to build Guangdong Industrial Organic Waste Gas Odor Control Engineering Technology Research Center

    • △ Organic waste gas purification biotechnology and complete sets of equipment have passed the result identification to reach the international advanced level

      National Science and Technology SME Innovation Fund Project Undertaking Unit

      The company's own brand sludge silos production

    • △ Recognized as a national high-tech enterprise

      Obtain the environmental pollution control facility operation qualification certificate

    • △ Received the first prize of the "Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award" issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration

    • △ The first biological deodorization project has been successfully implemented and passed acceptance

    • △ Applied for the first invention patent in the field of biological deodorization in China, successfully

    • △ Our company was established

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